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I have been away from my computer for nearly a week.  Main reason is that I had an appointment at the Melamona Clinic at the hospital in Brisbane to have an operation to remove a small growth. It was in a tricky area, very close to my left ear, and the local hospital was reluctant to do the operation because of the closeness to the ear canal.

So of to the “big smoke”, which was more daunting than the operation itself.  We drive down the day before, stayed at my mother’s house, and then an early start on Monday morning.  Required to be at the Admissions at the hospital by 6.00am. 

All went well, fantastic staff at the hospital (Public Hospital I might add), the surgery went well and came out of the theatre with over 100 stitches around the eye area.    Was able to go home around lunchtime.  Not a good night on the Monday night, but Tuesday morning felt okay, so we drove back home (3 1/2 trip).

Since then, each day the healing process has been continuing.  What surprised me was that I had very little pain, and even now I can feel is a stiffness near the ear. Tomorrow I am seeing my local doctor to have the stitches removed, then another trip on the Tilt Train to Brisbane next Friday, 22nd, to see the specialist at the hospital for a check up.

I am not used to having to sit around most of the day, and that has been the hardest part.  Positive side is that I have read my books, been able to do crochet, and just generally rest and take it easy.  That is really the main point, let the body recover.  I know that I am fit and healthy which has gone a long way in the recovery process. 

Once the stitches are out, will have a bit more mobility.  With Michael walking our little dog, I have been able to walk each morning and afternoon – no yoga though. 

Just made up a new batch of Muesli, and getting ready to make the dough for a Pizza.